Our Expertise

CEO communication

The communications of the founder or CEO drive a company’s success more than ever. Leaders who can clearly articulate the company mission and what makes it special to internal, external, and financial stakeholders are the ones who will make the biggest impact.

Anyone can become a master communicator, regardless of background or innate ability. We specialise in helping leaders communicate with clarity, so they can drive more engagement, be more impactful, create a highly effective leadership team, and become true thought leaders.

Startup communication

We all know that funding, talent, and customers follow attention. That’s why every successful company needs to achieve both product-market fit and message-market fit.

We work with startups to translate their business objectives into clear narratives, convincing messages, and audience-specific stories. We call an organisation with such clarity a Message Machine. Building it will help your company find its unique voice and tell better stories, so it can attract investors, customers, and top talent who want to be part of your journey.

Crisis communications

A crisis can make or break any business. Cybercriminals may steal your customers’ data or you need to lay off a part of your workforce. When your company is in trouble, the right communication will determine whether you emerge stronger or weakened from a crisis.

The key is being prepared. We equip your company with the skills to react swiftly and professionally to any crisis through a realistic simulation and the drafting of a crisis playbook with statements and responsibilities, so you can manage your reputation, and emerge stronger.


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